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Welcome to the web of Eventos, Turismo y Congresos

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Concepts as corporate communications, organization and image of your company are essential nowadays to obtain positive results in your commercial activities.

A great public image, reputation and prestige of an organization give it the needed credibility to proceed in a society which requests information, transparency and compromise from the company.

Corporate events are great marketing and public relations tools as they provide direct contact with the target customers. Congress, conventions, management board meetings, inaugurations, sports events, working breakfasts, presentations or press conferences are some examples.

Knowing the importance of the corporate image, at EVENTOS, TURISMO Y CONGRESOS we work to provide your business the necessary tools to improve your public image and to synchronize your marketing efforts with the target audiences.

At EVENTOS, TURISMO Y CONGRESOS we fight every day with huge effort to help our customers to achieve high levels of success.

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What we do

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Conferences and Professional Events

Given the importance of these types of events to your company we design a sophisticated, personalized plan for you. Our company will work with you in order to give professional and specialized service for your conferences, conventions, board meetings and professional meetings in general, while offering the possibility of combining work and leisure.


We offer full service catering along with a selection of facilities and places of great beauty and charm (castles,farms, wineries, farms, gardens and private houses).

Tourist activities

Visiting and learning about the magic of the most historic and charming cities in southern Spain is the best prize you can give your team. Allow them to enjoy exquisite gastronomic tours and let our tour guides help them learn about the history of the cities and towns of Andalusia.

Promotion Hostesses

We have a team of hostesses for all kinds of promotion; launching new products, distribution of advertising, promotion in malls and supermarkets, etc.

Sound, Lighting, Settings and Audiovisual Equipment

We offer a wide range of audio and audiovisual equipment for all types of activities: Musical performances, concerts, weddings, festivals, congresses, conventions, fairs, theaters, etc.
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Organization of Sports Events

Give a new style to your advertising and trade relations. Promote your business through sports such as Golf, Sailing, Polo, Padel and Tennis. Look at our list of available sports areas and choose the right place to celebrate your event. Sport is a different and elegant form of advertising.


Magnify the effect your event with the great shows: Concerts, Theater, Operetta, Flamenco, Comedy performances, Fireworks, etc.
Allow your guests to enjoy traditional University Tuna Music or watch dancing Spanish Thoroughbred Horses.

Image Hostesses, Models and Public Relations

Offer the best image of your company at trade shows, conferences, conventions, official acts and events in general with our professional hostesses and public relations specialists.


Discover how to have a perfect wedding. Leave no room for the unexpected with our professional guidance.

We offer all our services and dedication to make your wedding a success, so that your celebration is unique, personalized and completely to your liking.


We rent different style and size tents. Tents that are completely versatile and can be used in countless events, such as conferences, exhibitions, fairs, weddings, exhibitions, etc. In short, all outdoor events.

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